There are very few remixes that can tweak a nearly untouchable tune and expand the sounds and rhythms of a genuine classic. Even if they happen to be songs of divergent genres, the toil and direction that go into reinventing a hit and translating it into the seams of electronic dance music are the differences between terrific reinterpretations of a golden track (i.e. the Justice remix of “Electric Feel” by MGMT) and hearing shameless mashups of radio hits between ten to twenty years old (i.e. hearing the chorus from”Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana in a big room house set). Here to achieve the former are Henrix and Adrien Mezsi with their remix of the hip-hop masterpiece “Forgot About Dre” by Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Miami’s Henrix and L.A.’s Adrien have worked together in the past on the two track Raverz EP and have crafted tunes ranging from electro house and electronica to progressive house. This time, however, these two butt heads again to redeliver one of the biggest songs in the last decade for hip-hop into a horn-blaring, trap tune. The Henrix and Adrien Mezsi remix to “Forgot About Dre” displays a charged club banger in the form of an instrumental layered with several loops of Eminem’s hook, small interjections of Dr. Dre’s aggressive lyrics, and slow-bounce basslines accompanied with precise hi-hats and kicks. If the instrumental was stripped of the various Eminem and Dre samples, this song could have been a potential single. It may depart from the original in style and genre, but this free downloadable remix is the perfect tune to bring back memories of the original while creating a new appreciation in its newest form.