Coldplay’s next album, A Head Full Of Dreams, is dropping December 4th, and yesterday they uploaded the first single from the album, “Adventure Of A Lifetime.” Now, normally, we wouldn’t be talking about Coldplay. But considering their recent involvement with Avicii on “A Sky Full of Stars” and “Heaven,” it seems that they’ve taken dance music to heart. Actually, it’s quite obvious that they have.

Their newest single, however, might be the best indicator yet. Employing a very heavy-handed influence from Random Access Memories á la Daft Punk, “Adventure Of A Lifetime” is an immediate hit that I cannot stop playing.

It’s odd that a bouncy bassline and choppy electric guitar riff have become synonymous with Daft Punk, considering how wildly popular those elements are in general music, but here we are…

Pre-order A Head Full Of Dreams here.


Bonus points if you can pick out the tiny and perhaps nonexistent Hot Hot Heat influence in the melody at 3:38.