Deadmau5 has always been an incredible producer. Whether you actually like his sounds or not, it’s difficult to deny the marvelous engineering behind his music. But even within that vast talent, he’s normally stayed within a certain degree of progressive house. Even “Raise Your Weapon,” likely his bassiest tune yet, was grounded in house.

So how about this newest sound he uploaded to Soundcloud late last night?

Brimming with a flavor we haven’t seen from the mau5 before, this latest concoction conjures up images of Flume, Flying Lotus, old school Zeds Dead (MP, look it up), and a solid hip hop structure. It’s refreshing in all the right ways, and we can’t get enough.

It’s clearly not finished yet – some of the sounds could be tuned better, and the percussion could be a tad more intricate… but for all that we get from mau5 on a not-so-regular basis, I’m cool with it. Listen below:

Though if you want that prog house, you can still find it on another new upload to his Instagram, which you can also find below.