Flux Pavilion’s album made some waves when it dropped a couple months ago. (Yes, it really has been that long.) On that album, one of my favorite tracks was “Emotional,” a bassy ballad with help from Matthew Koma. Its infectious melody and upbeat rhythm resonated with me at a natural level.

However… this official remix from Must Die! resonates with me at a primal level.

Massive rising synths in the build coupled with a percussive rhythm only comparable to war drums provide ample preface to this filthy song; and the drop will hit you like a megaton bomb. Neck braces recommended.

I suppose one of my favorite elements of the remix is how much Must Die! takes the original and makes it all his own. Flux’s songwriting is still present beneath the surface, but the new sound design is 100% Must Die! and I love it.

The remix is out December 4th!