The big 3…. at least that’s what I’m calling them from now on. Every time Mark Knight and Adrian Hour team up there’s absolute magic that’s produced. Their latest venture features the beautiful and incredibly talented vocalist, Indiana, as she takes the lead on “Dance On My Heart”, only leaving you begging for more.

This one has an interesting story, as it began in Buenos Aires when Adrian was working on something that he lik-ened to ‘She’, one of his first productions on Toolroom. He showed it to Mark and the collaboration was born, but it still missed one essential element, a riveting vocal. After sitting on this one for some time, they came across Indiana, brought her into the studio, and two hours later “Dance On My Heart” was a success.

As you listen in, Indiana’s voice will captivate you immediately, while Knight and Hour accompany her with an eerie yet electrifying instrumental. It’s utterly fascinating the way each artist’s style is incorporated and fixated into this gem of a song.

Kick off your week right and tune into “Dance On My Heart”!