When you’ve got a sound as unique as Snails, imitators are bound to show up. His brand of vomitstep created a wave so huge that he’s now premiering mixes with unreleased music from Skrillex to Flosstradamus.

But what happens when the music surpasses imitation and becomes something else? Growlz is here to answer that question.

At first listen, “Bone Collector” sounds eerily like the synths of Snails. Take a deeper look, however, and there are a few different styles all meshes together to create something I’d like to call gutterstep. I have no idea if the name will catch on, and that’s not really the point, but it’s to differentiate it from something that it’s not.

The sounds are similar, but the sound design is impressive to say the least. Keep in mind that Growlz has less than 600 followers on Soundcloud and only one public track, yet Buygore felt that it was good enough to sign him just off that. That’s saying something.

“Bone Collector” is out today as a free download. Head to Growlz’ Soundcloud to swoop a copy.