1001tracklists is an invaluable tool in the listener’s arsenal. Its vast and dedicated userbase knows music better than anyone, which is why their tracklists for mixes are so trusted. However, something we’ve never seen from them, and certainly something we don’t mind, in this case, is a music premiere.

Coming out a day early is Knife Party’s Trigger Warning, with four full tracks. Including the Jauz remix of “PLUR Police,” this EP has been on everyone’s mind for the past couple months – mostly because it kept getting delayed. But was it worth the wait?

The EP opens with “PLUR Police,” their characteristically parodied track that resembles a lot of the crap that was coming out around the time of Ultra in March this year. But it’s November, gentlemen.

“Parliament Funk” returns to the early Knife Party sound circa 100% No Modern Talking that we fell in love with them for. This time, the staccato synths and rhythm bring in a new layer of creativity and power to the mix that we can’t get enough of. It even has some of that metal influence from – dare I say – Pendulum?

“Kraken” meets in the middle of the previous two tracks. It definitely has a big room panache to it, but the discordant and harsh synths ground it in electro house rather than something more commercial.

Finally we get to the Jauz remix, which is ostensibly the best track of the release. With powerful dubstep basslines and some inspired sound design, we see Jauz return to his original dubstep style forgoing bass house – for the time being.

Get it all on 1001tracklists and don’t forget to purchase the EP when it officially drops tomorrow!