For a month and a half, French producer TuaN spent his time working with a friend to make elaborate and hilarious stop-motion scenes out of LEGOs for a music video to his original track, “Small Things.” Rather than conventional, slow-motion shots of himself standing in different locations around a city that many artists these days use as music video material, TuaN decided to put in just as much creativity and work as he did for the track itself. The result? A wonderful and inspiring video piece that adds depth and character to an otherwise party-oriented experience.

“I picked LEGOs not only because it’s something small, but also for a personal reason. Back in my childhood, I always wanted to have LEGOs but we didn’t have any money to buy them. Children from all over the world play with LEGOs. They create their own stories. Through creativity and imagination, they make the LEGOs truly come alive. I just wanted to show friendship and love in EDM, and for that purpose I made a LEGO music video with some of my favorite DJs / producers (Afrojack, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, etc.) and heroes (Batman, Darth Vader, etc.).”

In the video, a meteor containing a unique sound crashes to Earth. The boy who finds it decides to share it with the rest of the world, and uploads it to the Internet. Soon, some of EDM’s biggest producers and DJs catch wind of the sound, and share it to their friends and fans. Eventually, they and some of TuaN’s favorite superheroes celebrate at Deadmau5‘s house. Even Daft Punk arrive in a spaceship to join the festivities.

“I’ve always said all things, no matter how small, can become important and big. As such, I decided to produce something simple. Something meant for everyone.”

The song itself is as catchy as the video is enjoyable. To hear more from TuaN and see his other videos, visit Van Recordings’ official website here.