It’s not really a surprise that Tiësto would like football. Considering his European upbringing and… wait, what? American football? Okay. That is surprising!

Tiësto recently took a trip to Denver to visit a Broncos training session, and he spoke with Allie Raymond at the UCHealth Training Center while he was there. Topics ranged from pregame rituals to how he became a Broncos fan in the first place.

One of the interesting things that Tiesto brings up is what music he listens to before his set to get pumped up: the opener.

“I listen to the DJ who plays before me. I always hope it’s a good one. I can always listen and sometimes when his act’s a little too slow, I’ll take over earlier, or if he’s good, I’ll let him play a little longer.”

Don’t get it wrong though, Tiësto still likes to party it up in the green room with friends before a show.

Tiësto’s reason for being behind the Broncos is also pretty funny.

“I support all my friends’ teams and one of my good friends is from Denver and also my girlfriend is from Denver so I thought, I’ve got to adopt them.”

When asked if he has a favorite player, however, the truth began to show. “I like the whole team. I don’t really have a favorite player,” he said. Mhm. We’re onto you, Tijs.

Giving some last minute pointers to the team #broncoscountry @broncos #NFL ?

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Read the whole interview here.