We couldn’t be more hyped to premiere D.O.D & Futuristic Polar Bears’ latest endeavor towards insanity, “Why.” Featuring a penetrating metallic clang at the forefront of the mix, this track screams with all the weight you love in electro house.

Setting the tone early on, “Why” is rife with Tetris zaps and ecstatic basslines, stealing your attention with a monstrous lead. The percussion is toned down to make way for the size of the breakdown, and the galloping rhythm is decidedly kinetic. Overall, “Why” is a charging tune that’s certainly going to find its way into many a holiday set. Snag “Why” on November 30th, courtesy of Wall Recordings, and be sure to throw the guys some love on their socials.

We also had the chance to catch up with D.O.D and Futuristic Polar Bears, but for this interview, we thought to do something a bit different. We gave the artists free reign to ask each other whatever was on their minds, resulting in a mix of hilarity and insight. Diving into everything from music streaming to keeping fit on the road, read on to hear their thoughts on the matter.

D.O.D | Soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter

Futuristic Polar Bears | Soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter


Futuristic Polar Bears: Why don’t people seem to want physical copies of their music anymore?

D.O.D: “We live in an age of digital music and it’s massively accessible to everyone. Why take the trip into town when you can have music from your favourite artists in the click of a button. Yes, there are some downfalls to digital downloads (illegal downloads/not much money in sales) but the reach of your music is endless. Your music can be in the hands of people you would never even imagine, and that’s because of digital downloads. It’s a great thing and we should embrace it.”

FPB: Why does Xmas start in September?

D.O.D: “Because money makes the world go round… The big store chains milk the various holidays as much as they can. I don’t mind starting Christmas a little earlier though, I’m a big kid!”

FPB: Why don’t you see adverts for advertising agencies?

D.O.D: “I’ve seen a couple in the past, but I think good advertisement speaks for itself. It’s not really something that needs to be… well, advertised! Now I think everyone should go check out our new collab ‘WHY’ on Afrojack’s WALL Records!”


D.O.D: Why do you think everyone wants to be a DJ now? Do you think people realise that back stage is just full of fat old men drinking beer?

Futuristic Polar Bears: “A lot of it is to do with the commercial crossover of dance music. It’ an amazing feeling being behind the decks in front of thousands of people – we can understand how that is appealing to most people! DJs are now the new celebrities and rock stars and everyone thinks it’s all glitz and glamour! Little do they know that touring is hard work on the mind and body, and that backstage is full of old fat men haha! It’s a weird way that the scene has progressed though, your intention shouldn’t just be to “be a DJ” and play to lots of people, it should start with your love for the music.  Being a DJ is just the result of lots of hard work and passion – we’d rather be in the crowd than backstage most of the time!”

D.O.D: Why do you think it’s important to keep fit on the road?

FPB: “It’s the same with all things in life, if you’re not feeing your best, you won’t be performing at your best either. When we’re touring it’s a chance for our fans to come and see us doing what we love, if we’re looking haggard and messing up, what kind of message does that send? You have to keep as healthy as you can on tour in our opinion – there are plenty of temptations to send you in another direction but add drinking and eating crap food to very little sleep and crossing time zones, it won’t be long before you crash and burn!”

D.O.D: Why did the chicken cross the road?

FPB: “Ah, the question that has created turmoil for the greatest minds of many generations – shame on you for making us examine such a deep, philosophical topic, we thought this was meant to be a bit of fun! We’re not sure anyone will ever figure this one out, but if you were to have a go, first you need to work out where the chicken was going – or what he was escaping from.  Perhaps the destination was on the opposite side? Perhaps there were road works which had closed off the pavement? Or perhaps it was the most obvious answer – to avoid Colonel Sanders!”