With only a handful of shows and a single release under his belt, newcomer Zack Martino has been generating an unprecedented amount of hype in the EDM community. His debut effort is a collab with Reggio, another up-and-comer in the scene, called “Wonderland.” Earning over 11,000 plays in under a week, “Wonderland” proves Zack Martino is ready to take the industry by storm.

The track starts out with a bright intro that features running synth-lines over a constant kick drum. The breakdown brings in an epic lead that works in harmony with the underlying sounds, acting as the driving force behind “Wonderland.” Unlike a good number of electro/progressive house releases these days, “Wonderland” delivers a drop that’s purely focused on the melody. Thrown out the window are overly-simplistic big-room sounds, replaced instead with aggressively melodic, top-notch production; don’t sleep on Zack Martino!

Stream the track below and click HERE to download for free!