On this bright and early Monday morning, Your EDM is incredibly pleased to present to you this exclusive free download from the brand new Conrank EP. This Shanghai-based bass music mastermind has been on a wild ride since we last checked in with him over a year ago, easily keeping pace with his other brothers in arms from the Saturate pool like Zeke Beats, Boats, & G Jones. This new EP takes the Conranks sound to the next level in the very best sense of the word. Everything fans know and love about Conrank’s unusual style has been defined, emboldened, and in some cases even flipped on its head in a multitude of surprising ways that will keep fans old and new coming back to their favorite tracks for months to come.

The tune we are premiering today to celebrate this EP’s launch is entitled “Croak & Dagger.” Bright synths and a decidedly Rusko-esque intro start things off, before melding with some truly strange and old school sounds that would no doubt make the Englishman proud. Don’t hesitate to grab this one below, and be sure to grab the whole EP if you’re digging it!