Exactly a year ago today, I wrote an article examining the state of dance music on live television. In it, I cited examples of DJs who were invited onto television shows to “perform” their tracks, only to be torn apart by the dance music community for not actually mixing live, if their equipment was even plugged in at all. The most famous example was The Chainsmokers’ cringe-worthy appearance on “American Idol” during the “Selflie” craze.

Last night, Drew and Alex returned to network television to perform their current hit “Roses” on The Late Late Show with James Corden. With the small fear that history would repeat itself I tuned in, and within seconds, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did Drew and Alex play live on their own setups, but they were accompanied by two backup singers and of course, Rozes herself. But of all the wonderful elements, the best was hands down Drew singing the bridge before playing the main melody on piano.

Truly, The Chainsmokers achieved the highest level of redemption possible.

Their performance caps off a year of much-needed progress within dance music community. Now, they join Disclosure, Kygo, and a handful of others that have proven broadcast television can properly portray DJs as musicians, and not just fake button pushers whose equipment isn’t even plugged in. As we look ahead to 2016 with events like the Rio Olympics and Euro 2016, live dance music on bigger television stages seems a lot more realistic. Watch The Chainsmokers’ performance below:


Photo: Christina Kuhlmann