Hello hello everyone! Welcome back to another marvelous episode of West Coast Wednesday. Today is actually our tenth episode in the series if you can believe it, so to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of 10 amazing new releases, as well as a link to KRNE’s new livestream segment, Drafts. So without any further ado let’s dive right in.

These past few weeks have seen some truly epic releases from the west coast bass scene, but the most eclectic one by far was just dropped yesterday via Shadowtrix Music. This latest release is a compilation album loaded with over 30 tracks from some of the hottest underground bass talent this side of Vegas. With brand new sounds from favorites like Shlump, Ethan Glass, Crimes!, Partywave, Trevor Kelly, and many, many more, this compilation is absolutely essential to any basshead new or old that plans on going into 2016 with their head in the game. Don’t hesitate on this one, go grab it below!

Next up is a brand new one from one of our favorite Los Angeles badmen, Tsuruda. Saying that Tsuruda knows how to make bass music is like saying Gordon Ramsey knows how to make oatmeal. It’s ridiculous just how consistently this this absolute alien of a musician cranks out these incredible new sounds that never cease to amaze us. Download this immediately.

Next we’re going all the way up to Olympia, Washington, where Breaux has just released yet another monster of a tune on the notorious Elysian Records. This time things get head noddingly, face scrunchingly dark and weird in the most epic of ways with disgustingly heavy subs, filthy trapstyle samples, and a hauntingly anticipatory atmosphere. Also I’m pretty sure that horn is from the Lord of the Rings, so….

Our next tune comes to us from another rapidly rising Washington local known as Instant Party!. This year was absolutely huge for Instant; even the takedown of his Soundcloud page over the summer did little to stem the tide of riotous, crowd destroying shows, and incredibly hard hitting, wildly enjoyable originals and bootlegs that have been on every trap DJ’s playlist since their conception. His most recent remix, a flip of Drake’s “Back to Back” is everything you’d expect from an Instant Party! track plus a little something extra. Definitely pick this one up if you’re a fan of the largeness.

Now we move onto some bassline house with a straight up bonkers remix of our boy Getter, courtesy of LA based underground mastermind Swage. This remix of Getter’s Hip Hop-inspired trap tune, “Genocide,” ditched the trap beats for some seriously insane bassline house madness that is sure to have anyone even remotely into dance music losing their god damn mind all over the dancefloor… or the subway, or your house, or even the beach. Wherever this song manages to find you, you will be dancing. Enjoy!

Our next favorite house release is another one for all you bassline freaks out there. Last week Disciple Recordings unleashed a massive EP from Jvst Say Yes that features collabs with Habstrakt, Dubloadz and Virtual Riot. Every track on this EP is completely bananas. From the sound design and the drum patterns, to the overall structure of each song; everything is just so god damned fun to listen to that you’ll almost forget how hard the speakers are working your brain over. Definitely swoop on this one if you love the genre, or even if you’re looking to get into it.

Finally on our list of house music, this Monday, the bassline house dream team; Ghastly & Goldplate hit us with their latest collab “Dogs in The House”, and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. Fun fact: These two wrote this song about a year ago, and after making the rounds with the likes of Skrillex, Zeds Dead, & Tchami, it’s finally seeing the light of day. So if it sounds familiar it’s probably because you’ve heard someone play it this summer, but now it’s yours to enjoy in all 320 kbps of its intensely rowdy, smile-inducing glory. Have fun!

Our next artist has taken Oakland by storm over the summer and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I’m talking, of course, about KRNE. Relatively new to the scene, KRNE (pronounced ‘crane’) has been blowing us all away with his unique take on west coast trap music and future bass. His sound is somewhere in between the two, with an emphasis on the heavier, grittier, more energetic spectrums of both genres. His intimate knowledge of both genres has given birth to some of our favorite tracks of the year, that’s why we feel the need to share his two most recent releases below, so you can all experience this sound for yourselves. We hope you get as hopelessly stuck to the sound as we did.

Note: Tonight, (12/2/15) at 730pm is also the second installment of KRNE’s beat making livestream entitled Drafts, which you can watch right here.

Now it’s time for another compilation; this time it’s from Oldgrowth Records, a label based out of the foggy northwest coast of Humboldt County. Tapping into the extensive array of musical talent that Humboldt is quickly becoming well known for, this compilation features 16 tracks of extraordinarily well produced psychedelic glitch hop, dubstep, and ambient that can make any rainy day a good one. Be sure to pick this one up if you feel like discovering some new favorites.

Our final track this week is an outstandingly good remix of Melanie Martinez by the Honolulu-Chicago based duo, Solstis. Really good female vocals are something that every basshead gets weak in the knees for, that’s why you’ll need to be sitting down before you play this remix. Melanie’s voice is smooth butter with just a tinge of poison, and it melts perfectly into Solstis’ soundscape of powerful pads ambient spacework and crisp drum patterns. Deftly carving out a space in your heart with barely any sting at all. Don’t miss it.

That’s all for now bassheads, tune in next week!