SheWon’t isn’t a name you may be familiar with, but this up-and-coming producer is sure to please fans of downtempo and emotional beats. A relatively small but dedicated fanbase (just over 6K follows) has earned SheWon’t over half a million, well-deserved plays across only 9 tracks, a seriously impressive feat in today’s flooded market. This alone should be a testament to the immense talent behind this project, but if that’s not enough then listening to “Earth Radio” should be.

The track starts off with a sample of Rick and Morty, a cheeky juxtaposition to the tearjerking ballad to come. Somber piano notes and a number of other sounds then play out, blending together in an intro that lays down some seriously emotional vibes. Things get really heavy when the sub and drums come in; their simple nature is extremely effective in accentuating the dreamy nature of “Earth Radio.” Light chords and xylophone-like sounds dot the background, adding even more depth to the airy track.

Stream “Earth Radio” below and click HERE to download for free!