We at Your EDM are extremely excited to premiere Urbandawn‘s newest video for “Cloudless”, a brilliantly produced masterpiece in collaboration with the legendary London Elektricity and Elsa Esmeralda. We’ve taken a few moments to speak to the man behind the EP himself, for a few words about his newest four track release- and his current endeavors as one of Hospital Records’ newest signings.

Hey there, so glad to have you here for an interview. How excited are you to drop this massive four-track EP on one of the most prestigious (if not, the most) labels in drum and bass?

Thank you so much for inviting me, my pleasure! SUPER excited actually, this EP was made with so much love and care, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it on the streets! And have it out on Hospital makes it much more special!

Do you have a favourite track, if so- why?

I really like all 4 of them, but “Pavlov’s Dog” is probably my favorite to play at the clubs. I tested it out at all of the Hospitality events I did in Europe and the reactions were massive!

Tell us a bit about the process and timeline in which an EP is constructed of this sort.

It usually takes a few months of hard work to make 7/8 tracks, then we sit with the label crew to discuss the tracks that work better together to bring a coherent EP. All of this includes artwork concept, track sequencing, promotional plans and such. Hospital always manages to do this with excellence so it’s always a very fun and productive process.

We’ve recently seen that you’ve done a bit of traveling for some very large performances. Congratulations! Tell us a bit about the experiences you had.

Thank you! It was no doubt the most fun, exciting experience I’ve had so far. It was my very first tour out of Brazil, so everything was very new for me. I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of new friends, see some spectacular places and play to some of the best crowds I’ve experienced. Besides that, I did a very inspirational studio session with Tony “London Elektricity” in his studio in South London where we finished “Cloudless” with the amazing Elsa Esmeralda on vocals, it was truly an inspirational experience.

Where is your top 3 favourite performance locations?

I loved every single Hospitality of my EU tour, but Paradiso in Amsterdam, Concorde 2 in Brighton and Motion in Bristol were my favourites!

Who is your absolute favourite person to collaborate with (could be vocalists OR artists), and why?

In drum & bass I’ve done just one collaboration and it was with London Elektricity and Elsa Esmeralda, which was definitely one very special experience.

Lastly, tell us a bit about this video!

It was made and directed by the amazingly talented Max Palmer, who did some stuff for Etherwood, Lynx and many more. Me and the Hospital team came up with the main concept and Max managed to bring it to life using some beautiful footages he did in Europe.

Without further ado, here is the brilliant video for an excellent tune.


You can purchase the entire EP here, today: https://HospitalRecords.lnk.to/cloudlesspr