Tropical house’s popularity may have come and gone, but the genre’s three figureheads – Kygo, Thomas Jack, and Felix Jaehn – have firmly established themselves as superstars. While the two former artists have dominated the space with a pop-infused style and house-infused sound respectively, Jaehn has truly become an international sensation, as his remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader” topped the iTunes charts in over 55 countries. The German phenom’s latest effort was “Book of Love,” and as it creeps towards a million plays on SoundCloud, Jaehn has tabbed Mr. Belt and Wezol, Mike Mago, and Chris Meid to deliver their own stunning renditions of the track.

First up on the remix EP is Mr. Belt and Wezol, who inject the tropical house gem with their signature brand of future house. On the other hand, Mike Mago infuses “Book of Love” with fleeting xylophone melodies, smooth piano riffs, and swirling bass accents to give the tune a deep groove. Last on the remix pack is Chris Meid, who turns in a gorgeous piano rendition of the track that you would expect to hear at an orchestral concert.