Avicii has finally released the long-anticipated remix EP for his recent, hit single “Broken Arrows.” Featuring artists from all across the dance music spectrum, it’s clear that Avicii’s intentions with the collection were to vastly explore the potential of his classic vocals and song structure. From devastating future bass to rousing, melodic house, “Broken Arrows” is chopped, mangled and stretched to fit the unique sonic identities of the artists deemed worthy of giving it their own vision.

M-22 begins the EP with a joyful house flip that accentuates the underlying chord progressions of the original. The Aston Shuffle‘s take transports the listener to an environment of high-pitched vocal cuts above a slow, sensual rhythm, creating a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere. Kid constructs an anthemic, old-school future bass remix that fans of artists like ODESZA will drool over. Finally, Didrick‘s version comes saturated with optimistic, shimmering melodies and jazz-influenced stings of piano.

Listen to the EP in its entirety below.

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