One of the biggest complaints about the current SoundCloud mobile app is that really doesn’t offer much functionality besides the ability to search for and play tracks. While that may be fine for the regular user just looking to listen, producers and other frequent content uploaders probably need a better alternative while they’re on the road. Fortunately for Android users, SoundCloud is about to step its app game up with the new app, Pulse.

Pulse is geared towards content creators (so producers and promotional channels mostly) and gives them a lot of functionalities that are currently unavailable in the regular SoundCloud app. Pulse will give users the ability to comment on tracks, go through their account stats, upload tracks (both for public and private), and also follow other users. Right now it seems like Pulse will give you the ability to do a lot of the things that you’re able to do while browsing SoundCloud on a desktop browser – minus the ability to message other users.

Version 1.0 is currently available in the Google Play Store with plans to integrate more features including private messaging, the ability to edit track information, and even deeper stats. Apple users shouldn’t have to wait long either with an iOS version of the app currently also in the works.

Grab the Android version here now and check out some of the app screenshots below.



H/T: Resident Advisor | Screenshot Image Source: Engadget