Swedish House Mafia was, until just recently, a permanent thing of the past. Axwell revived our hopes in an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats Radio 1, but those hopes were just as soon dashed in a response from Steve Angello, who was the driving force behind the split of the trio in the first place.

Now, however, we’re just not sure what to think anymore.

2 hours ago the defunct trio updated their cover photo on Facebook to their traditional logo, removing the advertising banner for the movie documenting their journey and resultant departure entitled Leave The World Behind.

This raises quite a few questions, to be frank. Fans are losing their sh*t in the comments on this new upload, claiming it’s a sign that their return is imminent. But, let’s first explore a history of their recent social media activity to get an idea of what this could mean.

4 months ago, they posted their old essential mix and included an upload to their prolific SoundCloud account for fans as well.

Beyond that, their posts have been rehashing anniversaries of extraordinary events in the SHM career. That is, until recently. Prior to their new cover photo, the trio’s most recent share was that of Angello’s new music video for “Remember,” which clearly came from his side of camp. That song documents his apparent abandonment by Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, which comes across as strange to be shared on Swedish House Mafia’s social media.

Could Angello’s denial of an incumbent reunion be a ploy to build even further interest? Could they just be collectively blowing smoke for the benefit of their solo careers or perhaps merely testing the waters to see if it’s time for a return? It’s hard to tell, really, but as long as this discussion is ongoing let us put in our two cents – Swedish House Mafia should only reunite if they plan on making new music, but we will gladly support them, wholeheartedly, if they choose to come back in such a manner. Your move.