For the last four years, The Executioner has been the benchmark for bass stages around the world. Featuring epic PK Sound and some of the most insane animations you ever saw, the 420 sq ft behemoth was a basshead’s nirvana.

However, with time, comes change. This year, Excision announced that the Executioner would be retired, and the Paradox would take its place.

Though the Paradox tour does not officially start until January 21 in Victoria, various cities will get a ‘beta test’ of the stage, such as Minneapolis last night and Chicago tonight.

The entire stage takes three semi-autos to transport, though the stage is modular to allow for even smaller venues to experience the madness. To see when Excision is making a stop near you, you can go to his website here.

See more photos of the Minneapolis set via Joe Create here.


Video credit to Joe Create