What started as a movie discussion on his Twitch stream has now ended in a near 10-minute rant from master-troll deadmau5. He touched on a number of issues concerning his notorious Twitter activity, even mentioning that Twitter might not be the best place to air out his thoughts given the 140 character limit, which I couldn’t agree more with. Overall, mau5 provided some very valid points that help ‘justify’ (for lack of a better word) his online actions.

The video of the rant that managed to get uploaded started when Joel was telling his viewers to ignore the ratings of the movie The Zero Theorem, claiming he saw it and thought the reviews were BS. He went on to bash the mainstream rating system in general, saying that if guys like Bieber or Zac Efron can get top ratings, then what’s the point? While I wouldn’t necessarily be so harsh, I don’t entirely disagree and will concede that ratings really shouldn’t fully influence a listener/viewer’s opinion. However, mau5 felt differently; his stream digressed from there.

He continued to talk about Bieber, also mentioning his old-pal Skrillex and why he’s been so vocal against the two. Deadmau5’s main problem with artists like the Canadian pop-star stems from his opinion that they’re essentially ‘riding’ the EDM hype-wave. He feels the producer behind the track is the real talent, and guys like Bieber are riding in like will.i.am, ready to steal the next catchy beat sent their way. Skrillex was mentioned in this because mau5 thinks he’s an enabler, allowing guys from other genres to take more credit and fame than they deserve. To put it in his own words:

It’s not that I have a problem with dubstep, or Skrillex, or those guys that do things. It’s– I have a problem that they enable themselves, and they put themselves in these positions to be a part of bullshit. Who aspires to be a part of bullshit? It fucking blows my mind…That’s just my opinion man, and that’s why I personally get upset about it, I’m not saying that’s why everyone should get upset about it, that’s just me…

This was a big move by mau5, as there are definitely a number of people out there that fully believe he’s a rotten human that trolls for no good reason. But objectively speaking, it’s quite clear he’s put a good amount of thought into his opinions and has enough experience in the industry to have a very credible argument. And even hearing this, I know some people will still continue to believe that deadmau5 just lives to troll. He knows these people will be out there, so he expressed his qualms with Twitter to try and offer more insight into his online “attacks”:

That’s the thing I hate about Twitter; you have to condense that whole 20-minute speech I probably just gave you and you got to type it out in 140 characters and what it actually ends up translated as is, “this sucks, you suck.” Then you’re like ‘well fuck man, I wish I could elaborate on that without looking like a fucking crybaby over a fucking series of a billion fucking tweets…

As you can tell, mau5 was pretty mad over this. Check it out below and decide if he’s being unreasonable or not.