It’s common when DJs collaborate on a project, but it’s rare when record labels decide to do it. Even if an artist is signed to a different label you’d never see two logos on one track – until now.

Almost every Spinnin’ artist has their own sub-label. In 2015 we saw the birth of Maxximize, Heldeep, and Don Diablo’ Hexagon, which has already released multiple Beatport Top 10 tunes. Uprise Music has taken a much different approach to dance music, as they are one of the newest editions to the Phase One Network, a gathering of defunct house labels from the 90s and 2000s. Together, they collaborated to bring us “I’ll House You,” a new take on the classic track from the Jungle Brothers. This legendary New York hip-hop group were pioneers in the house scene, as “I’ll House You” was the first record of its kind to come from outside the Chicago scene, which gave birth to the massive genre boom across the US in the 90s.

This update keeps all the iconic elements of the original – the mesmerizing flute sample and vox – but Don Diablo adds more grit and modern vibes with a bass house-style drop to really bring this classic into 2015. If you appreciate dance music roots as well as you love today’s music, you’ll love this little journey through history. “I’ll House You” is out now on Beatport.