There’s no denying the fact that future bass is on the come up. As is the case with any rising genre, many producers are changing up their styles to adopt a future-y influence, further adding to the genre’s hype. While it’s not always best for some producers to change up styles, if you can keep up with the trends and pull it off well, I’m all for it. That’s where Brazil’s I.Y.F.F.E comes in. Normally a purveyor of aggressive bass music, the producer has decided to try his hand at future bass, tastefully delivering the best of both worlds in a melodic yet heavy banger dubbed “Laka Flame.”

The track starts off with some airy synths that help create a classic future bass vibe. Next however, a low horn comes in that offsets this feeling, hinting that a bass-storm is brewing. This happens throughout “Laka Flame,” as typically future sounds are punctuated with powerful bass breaks, keeping you on the edge of your seat. This all culminates in a hefty drop that features horn-esque plucks and and absolutely killer sub. I.Y.F.F.E has proven he has what it takes to tackle future bass. Let’s hope there’s more like this in 2016!

Stream the track below and click HERE to download for free!