We have a special treat for all you lovers of weird and wild out there today: a brand spankin’ new tune from New Mexico’s ever-experimental duo, Subatomica. This time around, the two took up remix duties for Ireland’s Bocuma, another forward thinking artist in the expansive underground bass scene. Entitled ‘Lonesome Shadows’, the track is part of a remix album for Bocuma‘s Orphans of the Sky, which can be found in its entirety here. While the whole album is a journey down the proverbial rabbit hole, Subatomica‘s submission truly caught our attention like no other, as it’s a rare blend of two very different genres: drum & bass and zouk bass.

If you’re wondering what exactly zouk bass might be, here’s a little background to get you up to speed. At it’s core, it’s basically screwed down moombahton; the first appearance of the music was a few years back, during a Boiler Room party featuring Buraka Som Sistema. Now, you may be thinking it would be quite difficult to blend this particular style with the raucous, up-tempo drum & bass we all know and love; and you’d be right. It’s only been done once or twice before, a testament to Subatomica‘s extraordinary production skills. Their re-imagining of ‘Lonesome Shadows’ is dark and gleaming, at times melodic and at others, epic & intense. You’ll just have to listen to get the full effect, so check out the stream below and be sure to grab the exclusive free download if you’re feelin’ the vibes.

And finally, if you want to pick up the full Orphans of the Sky remix album, you can do so on either Addictech or Beatport. Happy listening!


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