It’s not often that an artist gets to give the gift of a lifetime to a fan, so when an opportunity presents itself, I love to see artists capitalizing on it.

A fan of Eric Prydz recently sent the artist a video of her mother listening to “Generate,” and mentioned to him how it “makes her feel young and alive.” The two continue to converse over a couple weeks until this happened…

prydz lifetime gift

To say nothing of the consideration that Eric put into this thoughtful gift, Prydz himself did nothing to share his act of kindness. If it weren’t for this lucky fan sharing her elation with friends, this random act of kindness would have remained a pure altruistic act.

Rock on, Eric Prydz.

The situation also brings up what’s possible with social media. It’s not just about sharing temperamental rants and bashing on other artists, it’s about connecting with fans and showing them a human side. Perhaps if another artist hadn’t deleted his accounts, he could have done something like this, too.


via /r/EDM