As the fight over drug policy looms overhead like a harrowing storm in the US and Australia, Canada seems to have figured some things out. Multiple music festivals already allow pill/drug testing at the venue, and it has created an atmosphere of openness and accountability among attendees and security.

This year, Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia aims to allow pill testing on its premises.

“We couldn’t have the drug-testing kit last year, but other festivals in Canada did,” says organizer Jonas Colter. “What I found out is that it was done under the umbrella of a medical supervisor that was saying, ‘This is best medical practice.'”

If only it was so simple elsewhere. In the US, the oft cited RAVE Act acts as a strong deterrent to any kind of forward-thinking legislation attempting to improve and modernize existing drug policy. (You can sign a petition to repeal the RAVE Act here.) In Canada, fake molly has reached an almost epidemic status and moves are being made to improve the situation.

Hopefully, Canada can act as a proper example of what rational thought can accomplish; in the meantime, if you do choose to partake in drugs before or at a festival, make sure that you have tested it for purity and content. You can find testing kits available for purchase here.


via CBC News