Pop singer InasX recently released a remix pack for her track “Love Is,” and she’s recruited some serious talent for it. SevnthWonderNIGHTOWLS, Shibumi , and Goshfather & Jinco. It should be noted that duo Goshfather & Jinco recently parted ways, so this may be the last release we see with the G&J name.

This remix pack contains a number of sounds, featuring trap-like future-bass, deep house, and minimalistic renditions of “Love Is.” SevnthWonder start things off a bright trap remix, utilizing simple drum beats and chords to enhance InasX’s vocals. NIGHTOWLS turn things up with a deep/G-house styled track that relies less on the vocals of the original and more on its progressions, choosing to create an almost entirely new track.

Goshfather & Jinco have the standout remix on this release, expertly combining InasX’s singing with original and enticing production. Their future-bass tinged sound fits the vibe of the original while still offering an unique approach to “Love Is.” Shibumi tops off the remix pack with a very mellow and simplistic house edit, a perfect closing song. Check out the entire release below and click HERE to download the tracks for free!