It’s been a cold wet winter (though, we here in California aren’t necessarily complaining about the wetness), but the inclement weather can definitely spark new inspiration for some. Case in point is the Bay Area’s Devin Kroes, one of our favorite underground downtempo artists. His latest EP, Whispers from the Trees, is sure to warm up and psychedelically enhance your surroundings.

Featuring 4 original tracks and a collaboration with fellow chilled-out wunderkind Wu Wei, these tracks ooze and drip with creativity. There is a fusion of Middle Eastern melodies and squelchy, spaced out bass-lines throughout the release, making for sounds with true texture. Organic melodies cry out from sultry violins and idly plucked guitar strings, meshing perfectly with synthesized drum patterns and buzzing, electronic rhythms. This is music you can genuinely lose yourself to, so don’t hesitate to press play. Devin Kroes has made Whispers from the Trees available via Addictech for a small fee; check out the full stream after the jump and be sure to support this talented up & comer if you’re feeling the vibes!


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