Steadily amassing a blistering collection of tunes with his own breed of electro house, Usica has been stirring up a ruckus on the heavier side of dance. But along with poignant vocals challenging the status quo, Usica doesn’t just stop at kinetic sound design. Now, we’re finally getting our first official sip of the Usica party cup, and it’s exactly what we hoped for. Courtesty of Brooklyn FireWasteland is a daring trek into the uncharted caverns of Riot House.

Sounding off with a bone-shattering alarm, “Shrillnomics” gets straight to the point. Mercilous low-end arrangements juxtapose the fierce topline, and a Mortal Kombat melody sings over the bridge before dipping back into another shrieking breakdown. Sequenced to perfection with classic Usica grit and grime at its the core, “Shrillnomics” is a magnificent start. “Growling Is Not Allowed” continues the insidious journey, and sure, growling might not be permitted, but this track roars. Breaking down into chugging ratchets and malicious rattling over a field of skeletons, “Growling” is certainly on the tougher side of the wasteland, to say the least. Hollowed progressive synths melt the track together before letting the beast out of the cage once more, then it feels like riding a tank into the heart of a zombie apocalypse… that’s about where we’re at with this one.

Finally, we’re met with “Fiestica,” tasting a lot like a moombah, garnished with a blip of hip-hop and a sprig of hardened jungle terror. The vocal samples are a hilarious addition to the immense weight of its thunderous bassline, and skipping highs saunter above an all-encompassing battle drum. And although “3-days higher” is guised as a house tune, the force here is ruthless. Grizzled static charges over a hearty kick, and there’s even a bit of progressive house tossed into the bridge; a testimony that Usica can produce whatever he damned-well pleases.

All-in-all, you’re going to love this; just don’t jam out too hard and hurt yourself. It’s clear Usica is lashing together a monstrous 2016, so be sure to give him a follow on his socials and stay up with the latest. Check out Wasteland below, and grab the EP now via Beatport.