Alesso has released one final track of 2015, and he’s taken an interesting direction. Attempting a more aggressive horn-based sound, the Swede has drifted from his melodic, progressive sound. Available for free download for the next 24 hours, “Anthem” may not be exactly what you expected from Alesso.

The horns start off right away, blaring out over a house-y drum beat. A simple build with some cheesy vocal sampling gives way to a big drop that features some low saws and pulsing bass line which help alleviate the somewhat-stale intro. The interlude takes things a step further, laying down a trap-esque beat amidst the electro/progressive vibes. It works out well, maintaining the energy of the track without being overly aggressive. The second drop returns to that bass-heavy progressive sound from earlier, but overall, the track was a bit bland to me. However, there’s no doubting “Anthem” will pump up a crowd in a live setting.

Stream the track below and click HERE to download for free!