It’s no secret that Grey‘s modus operandi is taking catchy, vocal pop tunes and remixing them to utter perfection, so it’s no surprise that their latest remix is taking on “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez.

Say what you will about Selena, but she can seriously sing a hook. Grey adds their own spin to this pop hit, and while the vocals are still just as poppy as ever, the backing production makes us forget for a second, “Wait, this is Selena Gomez?”

It’s always noticeable when a producer knows how to properly remix a tune, or rather, knows how to show restraint. There’s a method to some of these things: 1) you can take a base track and completely deconstruct it and overpower it with your own style; or 2) you can take what the original does well and amplify it. Grey is undoubtedly in the latter category and it leaves us speechless.

Enjoy below!