By now, we’re well aware that Dillon Francis’ alter ego loves getting deep. As seen on DJ Hanzel’s One Deeper Talks, we get a taste of ze faux German’s uncompromising brashness, but not so much as a tip-of-the-tongue taste of his musical abilities. Now, we’ve finally been given a peek at DJ Hanzel’s collaboration with Drezo, and this tune slumps to the heavens.

We can only guess that the track will be titled “One Deeper,” but it’s still an unreleased ID at this point. Drezo has imparted his own strand of bass house wubbles, and DJ Hanzel has clearly ripped on the moombahton assaults of his nemesis, Dillon Francis. From what we can hear, the breakdown boasts a merciless bassline packaged over a raunchy four-on-the-floor tempo, and the highs add just the right amount of crunch. Check out the clip for yourself, below.

ONE FUCKING DEEPER (? by @splitviewstudios) song is unreleased by Dj Hanzel & @drezomusic

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