Last August, Nicky Romero‘s protégés Volt & State released their progressive house anthem “Sandcastles.” In December, the duo announced that they would be hosting a remix competition for the song, following the release of Protocol Recordings‘ “Protocol Acapellas, Vol. 1,” which included the isolated vocal track for “Sandcastles.”

The competition has been running for nearly a month, with hundreds of fan remixes rolling through the Protocol office for their team to sort through. The competition page is still open until January 14th, so producers can still try their luck at making a hit remix. Fans, on the other hand, can sort through the wide array of remixes and vote on their favorites.

If you don’t feel like going through the remixes yourself, we’ve got you covered. The insanely groovy remix by Ben Lemonz and the intensely euphoric remix from Wavers are among the best attempts at the original track. However, the arguable best remix yet comes from RudeLies, a Swedish duo that has captured our hearts over the last couple months with their original tracks “Enigma” and “Machina,” which were both featured on our SoundCloud page. Their take on the track is a groovy electro/progressive house hybrid that will most definitely have jaws dropping with every new listen.

Check out the remix below and vote for your favorite take on “Sandcastles” here.