Introducing a brand new exclusive mix in line of the monumental 2015 annual compilation release coming from the Viper Recordings family, we at Your EDM are proud to present a half hour mix from the groundbreaking producers T and Sugah. Jam packed with 25 tracks including six brand new exclusive projects from various artists and a massive DJ mix from InsideInfo, this annual in particular is not one to miss out on.

Their personal addition to the exclusive side of the album, “Whatever You Give,” is a lethal switch-up weapon that’s sure to rattle subs across dance floors for all of 2016 and more.

Without further delay, we are honored to share with you an exclusive getaway from reality from none other than the boys themselves. Have a listen, rock your office chairs (try not to break them) and prepare yourself for the largest year Viper Recordings has ever seen. Don’t sleep.

Luckily for you, the entire compilation is out this friday. You can Pre-order it here: