Coachella performers 2manydjs and LCD Soundsystem will perform at the same festival for the first time in a long time, but what many might not know is the collaboration these groups have been working on for years now.

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has been working with both members of 2manydjs and sound engineer John Klett for the past few years on a massive project titled “Despacio.” Meaning “slow” in Spanish, Despacio is a 50,000 watt, 11.5-feet tall speaker system that puts the music before the DJ. The booth is set up behind the crowd, allowing patrons to completely focus on the music rather than the actual DJ.

Despacio was built with the intention of being used in Ibiza with vinyl-only sets, but plans fell through and the project was debuted in Manchester in 2013. The project has since died down, but with both LCD Soundsystem and 2manydjs on Coachella’s lineup, the festival decided to bring it back. Despacio will be featured all weekend long, but there is little to no information beyond that. We can assume the sound system will be featured during the creators’ sets, but there is no confirmation as to where the system will be located, and who will play on it.

Either way, it’s going to be an awesome experience that should not be missed by those planning on attending Coachella. Check out a digital rendering of Despacio at the top of the page and watch the video below for more info!