Every once in a blue moon, a release will stand out like a brilliant gem amidst a sea of raw stones. I’ll begin by establishing how much I vibe with the darker side of drum and bass music. I hadn’t always, but with labels like Icarus Audio, Critical, and Exit maintaing the foundations of their respective sub genres, it really does make it quite easy.

The title tune by the lethal partnership otherwise known as Kije & J Mythix liftoffs with ominous chord progressions aligned with gloomy atmospheric tension. With a mixture of punctuated percussion loops and masterful low end placement, the team seasons their collaboration with thin-cut vocal edits and properly orchestrated swells and releases. As the drop seeps through, you’ll know exactly why Icarus is the label to watch out for in 2016.

Don’t sleep on this massive single from the legends themselves.

You can purchase it here: https://pro.beatport.com/release/time-crisis-ep/1629465