Throughout his career, Kaskade has been awarded the life-changing opportunity to travel the world, creating music and sharing memories to cultivate a devout community. Usually, all the buzz is about the man behind the decks, but Kaskade is looking to swap the focus to those on the dance floor. He recognizes that his flourishing career wouldn’t be possible without such a loyal audience, and he’s created a new project to express his gratitude.

Called #6Questions, this new series aims to shine the spotlight on those fans who go above and beyond with their musical admiration. As part of the project, Kaskade will regularly choose one lucky listener and ask them six questions pertaining to their fandom and favorite moments. For the chance to be featured on the series, simply tag a friend you think deserves recognition over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tag Kaskade along with #6Questions. Read the inaugural post of #6Questions below, and click here to check out the entire first installment.

#6Questions I’ve been travelling literally all over the world and making friends over the span of my career. We share music and memories, and are constantly having these experiences that create community. Looking back, none of what’s happened would be possible without the support of the people who show up, time after time. I see you guys and would like to shine a light on those who really stand out. I want to say thanks. I’m creating a series called #6Questions, where I get to profile one of these core fans. I’ll be doing it regularly – so if there’s someone who you think deserves to be written up, tag them on FB, Twitter or Instagram. Then tag me and use #6Questions. Kicking this off with Ms. @ColleenBurns You guys all know her as the organizer of @kaskadekonnect as evidenced by her answers and sheer number of shows attended, I’d say she deserves to be the inaugural homie on here. Let’s do this. Link to interview in my bio.

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