Hardwell missed out on grabbing the title of World’s #1 DJ for a third year, but that’s not too upsetting for the Dutch superstar. He still smashed 2015 with “Mad World,” maintained a stellar Revealed imprint, and elated millions with his trademark brand of hands-in-the-air house.

As a testament to his success in 2015, Hardwell recently opened for The Voice of Holland with his blockbuster single. While Hardwell doesn’t really do anything but stand behind a booth looking his darnedest, the crowd throws down a solid reception. With hips thrusted to the heavens, gogo dancers blast CO2 cannons as the stage bellows with a light show to rival even the best clubs. Throughout the track, contestants have the chance to showcase their talent with their own vocal segments, warming up for the show. Overall, there’s plenty of smiles, clapping, and bouncing along to a steady 128.


H/T We Rave You