I had the opportunity to go on my first Groove Cruise this past October, leaving from Long Beach on the west coast. As of right now, it’s the only festival cruise of its kind that leaves from the west coast, so I felt pretty lucky to find myself on such a unique experience.

In fact, I was so enamored with the experience that I decided I wanted to go on the Miami sailing, too! It got me thinking of the song “Miami 2 Ibiza” by Swedish House Mafia, and I wondered who else on the lineup was making the drip cross-country to play on the boat. Turns out, both Lost Kings and Le Youth are LA natives making the trek, and I wanted to get their own LA 2 Miami thoughts.

I wanted to ask these two artists about their experiences traveling, since a DJ’s tour schedule is generally what takes up most of their time throughout the year; that, and producing.

Flying into/out of LA: Burbank or LAX?

Le Youth: I fly out of LAX. Burbank is heavenly though.

Lost Kings: LAX.

How much time do you spend on the road per month/year on average?

LY: Typically I’m on the road for a 1/3 of the year. Hoping for more this year.

LK: On the road every weekend, every month, every year.

West Coast, best coast, right? I mean, it rhymes.

LY: The West Coast is more chill. Great weather. Better Coffee. We use cooler words. Pacific Coast Highway. Mexican food. In N Out. Sunsets.

LK: The weather, the girls, the Instagram bikini models… Sushi place that plays electronic music 24/7. Didn’t know those 2 things went so well together until I sat down and ate a crispy rice while listening to some Carnage. Perfect combo.

East Coast has some perks too, though.

LY: Friends. The holidays. Snow. The nightlife scene is better. Closer to Europe. Fashion. Sunrises.

LK: Dirty train stations, LA’s traffic is the worst. Seafood, miss lobster and Baltimore crabs. The people.

What are you most looking forward to about the cruise?

LY: Last time I did the Groove Cruise I didn’t have many close friends (though I made tons), this time around I’ll be with some of my homies. Excited to see Jamaica as well.

LK: Partying with everyone on the boat, and teaching our friend how to swim. We’ve tried before but I feel like if we get some rave girls to help teach he’ll be more inclined.

I was lucky enough to catch Le Youth’s beach set in October, and I’m really looking forward to his Miami set this time, too. I haven’t had the opportunity to actually catch Lost Kings play, but they’re one of my can’t-miss artists this time around.

Groove Cruise Miami is not sold out yet! Rooms are still available, find all information here: http://www.thegroovecruise.com/miami/prices.