From a young producer out of Norway to a worldwide sensation, Kygo’s rise to fame has been more severe, more rapid than many of the top producers in the game. Due to the fact that his style doesn’t coincide with what’s typically stereotyped as mainstage music in EDM, he has been able to avoid general public criticism while still reaping the benefits.

Benefits that include… performing on the Ellen Degeneres Show. The show went live at 4pm EST, so if you weren’t watching, you’ve already missed it. However, the show is not taped live, and Ellen has already been kind enough to upload the footage from the performance. The show averages an astounding 3.9 million viewers per episode and reaches a very different demographic than Kygo’s normal performances, but he rocked it nonetheless.

Parson James does his thing on stage while Kygo stands amidst his massive stage setup, playing live keys and percussion.