Electronic producers are popular, but they still have quite a ways to go when it comes to social media. The top Instagram accounts have over 40 million followers (Taylor Swift is at the top with over 60 million), but the top account that we’ve been able to find, Martin Garrix, only has 5.4m followers – although his posts generate very similar interaction to the account in question. For even more context, Skrillex has 4m and puts up numbers comparable to Garrix, Tiesto has 3m, Afrojack has 2.3m, Diplo has 1.9m, etc. and these are the biggest DJ names in the world.

I tell you all of this, because you’re about to watch a video of what it’s like when push notifications are enabled on an Instagram account with 8 million followers.

Demy De Zeeuw, who runs the football-focused Instagram account 433, recently uploaded a video of what it’s like when he has push notifications enabled. Needless to say… your phone essentially becomes unusable. The pure deluge of notifications is enough to make our head spin, even when it’s only lasts about 40 seconds. It’s already been viewed over 10 million times.

When you post epic content on instagram.com/433 8 million followers, this is how your pushnotification will look like.. ☕?

Posted by Demy de Zeeuw on Sunday, January 10, 2016