The Green Rooms of New York City’s nightclubs have been echoing one name in particular these last few months: Callie Reiff. This young DJ is being touted as the future of house music by many in the industry, especially in New York City. Callie is a New York native and has been playing with tons of main stage acts at the historic Webster Hall and many other venues around the city. This girl is coming in hot with her first single titled “Like Dis” on Audiophile XXL.

The track starts out with a subtle, yet prevalent kick that builds into a bouncy synth. When the bassline finally comes in, you are guaranteed to start moving your body. Catchy vocals come in as you are slowly introduced to the drop which is nothing short of enormous. The warm saw synths capture a vibe I have not heard in quite some time. This is absolutely going to be a track that will be played out by major acts for months to come.

Sit back relax and let Callie Reiff take you on a journey.

You can check out Callie Reiff on social media here –