As soon as you hit play on this track, prepare your body to move along to an infectious tribal house beat. Moniker’s “Mur Da Dem” is an eclectic mix of varied sounds, incorporating a wonky bassline over sparsely laid samples from old dancehall records. It gives it that proper Caribbean feel, whilst drifting off across the Atlantic with minimal leads of European techno. If you’d had to describe what you’re hearing it two words, it would be “Industrial carnage”.

On the flip we have “Hot Now”. Turning up the groove, we get stark injections of guitar leads that glide smoothly over shuffling percussion. Where the first track is more 4AM-in-the-club, the soulful rhythms here gear it more towards the start of any good night. A contrasting release within the realms of house music. Grab your own copy now via Your EDM Records!