The times are a’changing, folks. With the new year upon us and new subgenres of EDM fluctuating and evolving, tastes are beginning to shift towards the bass music side of dance music more than ever before. From our recent poll taken in October of last year, we found that readers collectively viewed trap as their second favorite genre under progressive house, with dubstep coming in third place. Together, the trap and dubstep added up to nearly two percent more votes than the #1. With numbers like these, it’s easy to see why trap super groups like Flosstradamus and Yellow Claw have become immensely recognizable names even to outside communities. Their tracks continue to be played out in some form at most major dance music festivals, and their images extend even further towards the music scene’s eye.

For these reasons, it’s no surprise that some of even the most unexpected listeners have become diehard fans of the genre. The most recent celebrity that’s taken to social media to spread his love as a member of the HDYBYZ squad is The Walking Dead‘s own Chandler Riggs, who plays the character Carl Grimes.

Today, he posted a picture of himself swagged out in Flosstradamus’s token ‘warning sign’ merch for Miami’s Life In Color. But even before that, on New Years, he posted a snapshot of Yellow Claw, whom he met in an airport. Clearly, Riggs has joined the ranks of those like Bryan Cranston who make time for their favorite genre of music despite their busy acting schedules. Hopefully one of these days, we’ll see Chandler in a bulletproof vest on stage, trap-arming with Josh and Kurt.