It’s not every day that producers find tangible ways of giving back and contributing to the world at large… yes, there are charity initiatives, and producers who interact closely with their fans, but by and large charity is not a pre-requisite to becoming a star. So when producers do give back, we pay attention.

The EDM School is a new, ambitious project out of the Los Angeles area. Despite a rather plain title, the school wants to devote its energy to engaging young producers and instilling in them the skills and tools they’ll need to succeed. Dodge & Fuski will be heading up the inaugural event along with fellow bass heavyweight Getter. In anticipation of this event on February 3rd in Los Angeles, I sent over some quick questions to the two of them to have answered.

The EDM School aims to bring monthly guest appearances from established artists across the bass music world to share their production tips and tricks with a live audience.

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In the interview with Dodge & Fuski and Getter, we briefly go over the goals of EDM School, what attendees can take away from the experience, and what sets EDM School apart.

Why did you decide to take part in EDM School?

Dodge & Fuski: People have been running monthly production seminars in the UK for years now. For some reason, despite there being a huge amount of young producers in the LA area (and America in general), nobody seems to have put together a regular event with established guest speakers. I wanted to bring an experience and resource like this to Los Angeles. While some of the colleges in the area get people in to talk, EDM School will be a fully ticketed event that anyone can attend without having to commit to a year-long course.

Getter: I feel like there aren’t enough schools & events that show students EXACTLY what they want to learn. I’ve got a plan together to teach some very effective production tips and tricks that I hope will help take the people who attend far.

What are the strengths of Getter and Dodge & Fuski working together on one seminar rather than approaching it individually?

G: Well, whenever Rob and myself are in the studio, working together on music, we both have clashing techniques and we always learn new things from each other. I feel like both of us together can create a really cool list of lessons and what-not to show the class. Plus, it’s always good to have more than one brain to comment and express their opinions on what is being taught/shown.

D&F: I think one mistake that a lot of people make when getting started with music production is that there is a ‘correct’ way to do things. Ultimately, while there are a lot of technical considerations behind making music in order for everything to sound loud,  sound clean, and flow in a certain way, one thing we really want to show is that everyone has their own way of going about this. It’s a question of whatever works for you. At the end of the day, we want people to feel validated in the fact that they’re on the right track with what they’re doing, and just give a bit of insight into the road ahead.

Why do you guys think it’s important to learn from others who have had success? Surely, there are many successful producers who got their start fiddling with knobs in their bedroom on a copy of Ableton.

D&F: For me this is a question of insight into more than just music production. It’s a very tough industry, and I certainly had a lot of misconceptions about what was required in order to move forward at various steps in the game. We’re going to be holding an extensive Q&A, as well as doing hands-on production demonstrations, so we’re going to try to cram in as much advice as we can into the session.

G: I feel like there are so many producers with experiments and ideas, but only so many know how to move forward from certain points. Also, if there is someone who has been making a living from music, I’m sure they have a more clear opinion on how to approach music.

EDM School Live Production Seminar and Q&A with Getter + Dodge and Fuski February 3rd, 2016 at Los Globos, Los Angeles 7:30 PM – 10: 30 PM Get production tips and tricks; Learn how to create a track from start to finish; Learn how to make killer drums and huge baselines; Get advice on mixdowns and mastering; and get tips on how to make it in the music industry–all shown on a massive projection screen! Tickets are strictly numbered to ensure that you get YOUR questions answered!Advance ticket sales only here:

Posted by EDM School on Thursday, December 17, 2015

What skill level are you catering to? Will veterans be able to get as much out of this as beginners, or vice versa?

D&F: We’re aiming to cover a wide range of skill levels ranging from beginner to those who are getting close to breaking out into the industry. We’re going to focus heavily on how WE do and have done things, not necessarily the ‘correct’ way — which frankly I’m not sure is even something that exists. We’re very happy to share everything we’ve picked up over the years!

G: Rob and I will be trying to show the most advanced lessons we can, but at the same time attempting to show a simple way to arrive at the advanced point. There are so many tips and tricks that will make a world of difference in an artists’ sound. Most of the time it’s so simple.

There are other things similar to what you are doing in the area aiming to do the same thing: teach. How will EDM School set itself apart?

D&F: Great question! Most of the colleges you are referring to are based on 1-3 year courses with regular, in-house curriculum from a regular faculty. This requires a lot of commitment from the student, and if you have that time and those resources, go for it! But EDM School is not that. EDM School will be a 3 hour open session that anyone can attend, structured and run by current, established industry professionals. In addition to learning the personalized tips and tricks from our speakers, people who attend EDM School will be guaranteed direct insight into their work and lives.

At the end of the day, this is a fast moving industry, but people like myself and Getter make a living from this day in day out. I feel we’re able to relate to up-and-coming artists more than somebody who makes their living teaching in a college.


Tickets for the event are now on sale, and tickets will not be sold at the door. Follow the link here to purchase your pass. Only 200 tickets will be sold; however, when you buy a ticket through Ticket Fairy, you’ll get a personalized link that you share with your friends, inviting them to EDM School. If 5 people buy tickets through your link, your card is credited and you come to EDM School for free! Find more information on their website at