Festival camping has been getting better each year. Instead of the typical 3 person tent you usually get at Target before going to your favorite festival, you can now get brand new tents come equipped with solar panels, charge stations and all kinds of other gadgets.

Now, after winning a design award in Japan, the new Decagon Modular is set to put all past tent models to shame by housing up to 16 people and 3 cars, all at one time.

The Decagon Modular, created by Japan based company Logos, is a several part tent that can be used as separate units, as well as one giant megastraucture equipped with a dining room and several car ports.

The Decagon Modular is clearly the perfect festival tent that will ensure your entire party is comfortably camped together. Although only a few trial products are currently created, we are hoping it comes to market before the summer festival season is officially underway.

Check out the pictures below and try to keep your wallet in your pocket: