If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about Skrillex, it’s that he’s extremely difficult to predict. Whether it’s collaborating with established rap artists, collaborating with Justin Bieber, throwing his own dubstep-only birthday party in Miami, the dude is full of surprises.

Though, after his work with CL and G-Dragon on “Dirty Vibe,” and having Babymetal come out during his epic performance at UMF Japan, we’re not exactly surprised that he’s collaborating with the Korean pop group 4minute on their new EP.


Various Korean sources have essentially confirmed that Skrillex has helped to produce a “unique track” on 4minute’s upcoming EP, Act 7.

The only thing that might prove the Korean papers wrong is a statement of “no comment” made to journalist Jeff Benjamin from a Skrillex rep. However, we know that a statement of “no comment” is neither a denial nor affirmation, so take it as you will. We’ve reached out to Skrillex’s camp ourselves, but as of time of publication, we have not received a response.

4minute rose in popularity after one member, Hyuna, was featured on the massive track “Gangnam Style” by none other than Psy.

Act 7 is set to release on February 1, so at the very least, we’ll know in less than a couple weeks for sure.