Castor Troy, you devil! We knew you could throw down, but this – this is obscene. Abrasive sound design, kinetic snarls, and a full-force arrangement make Castor Troy’s “The End Is Near” remix the best track you’ll hear all day.

Lowering the tempo from Pegboard Nerds’ original mix, Troy has emphasized the crazed oscillations of their “Fire In The Hole VIP” and sharpened its fangs. The already emotive bridge has been torqued into a heart-wrenching melody styled a lá Terminator, capitalizing on all the brilliance of the original and trimming the fat. Bristling lasers yelp at an unseen aggressor, rapid-fire clangs belch against demonic low-end, and the track’s half-timed segments drive home the point – the end is near. Overall the mix is clean, powerful, and might make you feel just a little bit violated. Swoop Castor Troy’s “The End Is Near” remix now via iTunes, courtesy of Monstercat.

Castor Troy