It seems our favorite beat producer, Dabow, will be hitting the road this week for his very first tour through Australia! Following on the heels of his recent inclusion in KRNE’s Sessions 02 EP and the Buygore-hosted Omar LinX remix pack, he has decided to celebrate the announcement with a new, free to download original called “Frozen.” Featuring a dark, visceral rhythm and minimal melody, the track is the perfect segue to what’s sure to be a deadly and unforgettable tour. It’s currently available for free download here.

The song begins with harsh, echoing vocal cuts and a few, simple piano chords before a rapid series of percussion swells upwards into the first drop. A warm sub bass anchors the slightly delayed synth pulses to the rhythm, allowing Dabow to experiment with interesting hits and strikes above. The action slows down for a moment before climbing upwards once more, this time releasing into a screeching, half-time melody on top of the original drums.

Click here to download the track for free!